This is it, my PRPS suit that is in the best shape (I actually have two PRPS suits, the other one isn’t in very good shape – I will elaborate in another page). I actually got this one brand new, despite it being over 10 years old. It came with a hardhat, cotton gloves, large socks, air filters, and a 3M Jupiter calibration tool.

Since it was new, it was still sealed in its bag. When I opened it, the suit was actually a bit moist, and the boots had this strange white coating on them. I am not sure where the moisture came from, but I assume that it was a humid day at the Respirex factory when it was packed. I was able to clean that white stuff off of the boots, and let the suit air out.

This one is wonderful – it has a very plasticy smell and the visor is very clear. The boots are surprisingly comfortable to wear, I would not mind standing for long periods of time wearing them (though I would be pretty horny too).

This suit has the heavy duty neoprene gloves. I wear the provided cotton gloves underneath, but it is still incredibly hard to grab small or specific things with them on, they are just so thick!