For almost as long as I wanted a PRPS suit, I wanted a PRPS training suit. As you can probably tell, it looks a bit different! Instead of being made from DuPont Tychem, it is made from PVC, which is a soft and lightweight but durable plastic. This suit is actually really new, being made in May of 2016. Since the training suit isn’t supposed to be used in hazardous locations, I would have imagined they would come up on the used market pretty often. Before this suit came on the market, I have never actually seen one come up. I am very glad I was able to get it! 

Even though the suit was manufactured in 2016, it is a bit dirty and probably has been well loved by whatever fire brigade had it I imagine, although it doesn’t detract from the suit at all.

I love the smell of PVC, and this suit sure delivers! It has a very strong smell of PVC, both in and out! It is easier to walk around and maneuver rather than the PRPS suit, since it is made from PVC. 

The neoprene gloves are probably the thickest part of the whole suit, I wonder why Respirex doesn’t make a easier-to-use glove for the training suits. Perhaps they want to give trainers an idea on how hard they are to use? 

This suit has the standard green boots (that match the color of the suit very well!) I have also seen pictures of training suits with a darker green pair of boots as well as a pair of black boots. I would love to have a training suit with black boots.